I help open-minded, tactical thinking law students interested in strategic support to identify their dream law job, create a clear plan for securing, and competently execute the plan. I also assist highly motivated associates in moving to the top of their careers more quickly. The associates I work with are generally interested in consistent improvement and looking to be more productive, resourceful, or serve additional people and find deeper meaning in their work. I share (and hopefully “teach”) a unique way to think about being of service that allows associates to think, act, react, and interact in a manner that enables them to provide superior service to existing clients and partners; and attract clients and deliver quality work such that new clients are not only satisfied but become advocates of the firm.

I bring expertise as a creator of a successful coaching practice and a practitioner both as a former big firm tax partner at Baker & Hostetler LLP and a lawyer on the staff of the non-partisan Congressional Joint Committee on Taxation that helps Congress craft tax law.