Do Your Associates Meet Your Expectations?

Do your associates consistently meet your expectations? Do they produce work with the substance and structure you desire? Are they proactive and do they contribute more than that which is required? Do you consistently receive unsolicited positive feedback from the clients with whom they interact?

If you can unhesitantly and unequivocally answer “yes” to those questions, then read no further.

If that’s not the case…

I Can Help

I work with firms that recognize that the associates often perform the heavy lifting that makes life easier for the partners. With the proper mindset and skillset, associates can be more effective, efficient, and valuable, not only to the partners with whom they work, but also to the clients they serve.

I have designed and deliver focused workshops for associates that provide them with a framework of thinking and acting that enables them to accomplish, with less supervision, increasingly more difficult tasks in shorter periods of time. And that translates into more billings and more revenue.

The workshops are delivered at your locations. Half-day and full-day schedules are available. The workshops are interactive in nature and tailored to the associates practice areas and your firm’s priorities. Worksheets, templates, and real-world examples are used to facilitate discussion, accelerate learning, and provide reference and reinforcement after the training.

The Most Impact

The workshop that has the most impact is one in which your associates learn how to significantly improve their performance working with the partners and the clients. Most importantly, they learn how to make the transition from thinking and acting like an employee—someone who completes tasks and assignments—to thinking and acting like an owner, a partner, and an entrepreneur—someone who uncovers and expands business opportunities. They learn how to identify opportunities, match firm services to prospective clients’ desired outcomes, and engage prospective clients with an effective “30-second commercial.”

Workshop Benefits

Workshops focus on how to:

  • Enhance communications with partners and clients
  • Manage workloads effectively
  • Bill effectively from both the client’s and firm’s perspective
  • Solicit feedback and get the most from it
  • Cultivate a meaningful relationship with a mentor

Interested in learning more about the workshops?

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What’s In it for the Firm?

Your associates will discover strategies and processes that will enable them to more quickly get to the next level of performance and become a more valuable asset—for the firm and the clients they serve.

Which Workshop is Right for You?

Contact me and tell me a little bit about your firm and indicate the best time to talk -- Tuesday or Thursday morning between 8 a.m. and 9 a.m. or Thursday afternoon between 12:30 p.m. and 2 p.m. Please include your phone number.