Law Students Coaching Services

5-Step Career Breakthrough Program

The coaching program helps you implement the six step process provided in What They Don’t Teach You in Law School—How to Get a Job. You are provided insight, strategy, guidance and support to help achieve your goals of identifying a great legal job, creating a clear plan for securing it, and swiftly and competently executing the plan.

Specifically, the coaching program guides you through the process of developing a plan (and sticking to it), deciding on your specialty, using available resources to identify prospective employers, identifying prospective employers’ challenges and communicating with them in a manner that demonstrates that you understand their challenges, and how to remain committed to the plan and not become sidetracked.

Participants of the program tend to be tactical thinkers that are typically well organized, but don’t always get everything done…and need help. They view a coach as part of a plan. They want someone who, without judgment, can discuss, test, and refine the strategies required to get the job done. And they strive for improvement, are open-minded, and are looking for “more.”

Coaching Benefits

  • You are held accountable. I will help you develop, implement, and become comfortable with a strategy and framework of actions that enables you to achieve your stated goals and I will provide guidance and hold you accountable to stay on track, and achieve those goals..
  • You have a strategic and impartial adviser/mentor. I will, without judgment, discuss, test, and refine the strategies required to get the job done.
  • You improve. I will coax you through the processes (and sometimes, the risks) associated with improvement.
  • You expand your potential opportunities. I will offer another perspective that will likely give you more choices and reveal opportunities that would have otherwise been overlooked.
  • You unleash your potential. I will help you to be more creative, more productive, more resourceful, or serve more people and find more meaning in your work.

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