Honeymoon time

LegalJob was recently asked - Q: What is the appropriate amount of time to take for a honeymoon vacation as a young associate in a big firm?

LegalJob was recently asked:


Q:  What is the appropriate amount of time to take for a honeymoon vacation as a young associate in a big firm?  My fiancé wants to take two weeks but I am anxious about taking that much time off as a young associate and losing all those hours?


Answer:  Take the two weeks because you can and two weeks is the generally accepted time period.  You will probably not be seen as a hero if you take less time so you might as well take both weeks.  

Manage partner and senior associate expectations by providing them plenty of notice of the dates you will be out.  Also, take on extra assignments in the period before to the extent possible as long as you are confident you can get them completed to the satisfaction of the assignment giver.  However, keep in mind that these folks will likely forget your dates so you will have to be vigilant about not taking on any project that will require your presence in the office during those two weeks or that may not be able to be finished in time.  If you are in doubt, it is always better to communicate your hesitation up front so the assignment giver has all the information.  He or she can decide if it does not make sense to assign a particular project too close to your vacation.

Additionally, decide if you want to be or are able to be available by blackberry and communicate your decision to your colleagues.  LegalJob recommends not bringing the blackberry if at all possible.  The honeymoon time is one of the few times (new baby may be the other) where this practice will be acceptable.

When you return to the office, load up on assignments to the extent possible so that you can make up the hours lost.  Again, it is accepted to take the time off but the missing hours will still count against you and you are competing with peers who did not take a honeymoon vacation this year.