Factors that influence lawyer effectiveness

The last post talked about characteristics that may be attractive to a legal employer.  LegalJob recently came across a report from UC Berkeley professors Marjorie Shultz and Sheldon Zedeck, Identification, Development, and Validation of Predictors for Successful Lawyering, September 2008, pp. 26-27, that provides 26 factors that influence lawyer effectiveness.  The factors are broken down into eight categories including intellectual and cognitive (analysis and reasoning), research and gathering (fact-finding), communications (influencing and advocating), planning and organizing (strategic planning), conflict resolution (negotiation skills), client and business relations (networking), working with others (developing relationships within the legal profession), and character (passion and engagement).  Folks may want to keep some or all of these factors in mind when selling oneself to a legal employer.  You can access the report here.  Future posts will expand on some of these factors and the information provided in this report.

Image courtesy of FreeDigitalPhotos.net