Face time at the big firm

LegalJob received this question which was answered in today’s Monday Mailbag series. Q: How important is face time at the big firm?

LegalJob received this question which was answered in today’s Monday Mailbag series.


Q:  How important is face time at the big firm?  One of the partners asked me if I was going to be around next week.  Do I have a choice?


Good question.  It is important, but generally you have some flexibility especially as you become more senior (and hopefully more efficient with your time).  Obviously, it depends on the quirks of the partners for whom you are working and other facts and circumstances such as the nature of the clients and the time demands of the current projects.   Some face time is important but the real priority is doing quality work, getting it done timely, and making sure you are meeting your billable hour targets.  After that, making some time for you (when possible) is critical and appropriate (and will likely improve your output as measured by firm statistics).  This could include pro bono work, networking, writing, speaking, or even time off to take care of personal items.