Expand your tentacles to increase current and future job opportunities

This advice seems obvious but so many law students and law graduates neglect to do basic things:

1.  Keep current with the different people and groups of their present and past experiences -- the ones that make up their touch points (concept referenced in previous posts).

2.  Keep current in a meaningful way.  Note that this means going beyond Linkedin and Facebook.  Instead, you should consider reaching out directly on a somewhat regular basis by e-mail or phone.  Here are some examples of people to reach:

Law School

  • Professors.  Make a point to keep connected with professors who teach classes in which you excelled or classes that form the basis of (or is related to) the area of law in which you practice or would like to practice.  Professors know a lot of people and can be great resources and they may also be able to help you evaluate a particular opportunity or suggest a certain focus area to pursue.
  • Career Services Office Personnel.  If you have the inputs, the career services folks can help connect you with alumni from all different years that can help you.  Note that the career services folks are available to help even if you are not a recent graduate.
  • Law School Classmates.   Try not to limit yourself to your buddies.  Obtain a list from the career services office of what all classmates in your graduation year and the year before are doing and narrow down the list for the relevant ones.
  • Family friends, family members.  If a family friend or family member or someone else is willing to provide advice, do not get in your own way and think of a reason why the advice is not necessary.  It is always worth listening even if you choose to discount the advice or think you do not need advice because you have a job.
  • Colleagues from former job.
  • Classmates from undergraduate school.
  • Professors from undergraduate school.
  • Career resources center from undergraduate school, particularly if the school has a law school.

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