Develop your brand

LegalJob recently advised a fourth year associate at an AmLaw 100 firm about developing his brand.  Below is some of that advice.

► Speak and write as much as possible.

● Go to prolific partner and ask that partner where you should write or speak and what you should write or speak about.

● Consider speaking and writing to audiences that are not just lawyers or not lawyers in your field to help you stand out (i.e., tax lawyer speaking at a bond conference).

● Pick a narrow topic that you can write/speak about multiple times.

● Consider having that person be a co-author for extra credibility.

● Write three articles on a particular issue or a particular set of issues (that are related).  After the third one or so, you will be considered an "expert."

● Fake it until you make it in your speaking and writing (odds are strong that you know more than most about the subject).

● Soon the press will contact you for quotes/opinions.  Your firm may also be able to speed this process along and help get your name out.

► Start a group inside firm to discuss cases relevant in your area (or contribute to existing group).

● Consider inviting outside experts occasionally (not lawyers).

► Start group outside firm or agree to lead ABA committee and do it there.

► Help develop your firm's blog for your practice area.

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