October 29, 2011

Show me the money (part two)

This post continues the advice about asking for a raise in a law firm setting. The remaining steps to consider are:
October 31, 2011

Problem solving

For today’s Monday Mailbag, LegalJob addresses the following question from a big firm junior associate:
December 28, 2011

Quiet confidence

The following was posted in response to a question submitted for Mailbag Monday.
February 29, 2012

Moving on up: reaching the next rung on the law firm ladder

Here is a link from the site JDSupra to a very useful article providing thirteen suggestions that can help you thrive in private practice.
April 17, 2012

Deal with your weakness upfront

LegalJob meets with many candidates that try to hide or sugarcoat their biggest weakness (in a job interview). This approach is not generally effective because potential employers can usually see through the lines.
April 24, 2012

Put another notch in your belt — part one

LegalJob was recently asked the career questions below by a young government lawyer. The two questions and answers that follow can apply to government service as well as any first or second legal job out of law school.
May 19, 2012

Develop your brand

LegalJob recently advised a fourth year associate at an AmLaw 100 firm about developing his brand. Below is some of that advice.
July 7, 2012

Associate class sizes growing among several major firms

Good news for folks looking for big firm jobs! The WSJ blog put together a chart based on new data from Chambers Associate,
September 3, 2012

Interview advice — demonstrate that your skill set matches the employer’s need

This post attempts to address one common question LegalJob is receiving during this Fall interviewing time. How can I crush my firm interview (initial, call backs, etc.)?
September 20, 2012

The importance of back benching

A junior law firm associate asks for ways she can distinguish herself among a highly competitive class of young associates.
February 12, 2013

Follow appropriate protocol

An important practice management tip is to make sure to follow appropriate law firm (or wherever) protocol, including being sensitive to proper chain of command when taking any kind of significant action or making requests.
March 19, 2013

Transition from private practice to government — part one

Are you thinking of leaving your law firm for a stint in government? Here are some items to consider: