Advice for interviewing for legal jobs

LegalJob recently offered the following advice for interviewing for a law firm job (or any legal job).

► Use as many opportunities as possible to demonstrate your legal reasoning and analytical skills by diving into the substance/weeds of legal issues (that you are interested in or worked on) in a concise way

▸ Go as deep as you can (almost like you are summarizing a law review article but you are the main character so the story is active with you playing a key role in getting to the bottom of the issue.

▸ The regulations provide x.  That language could be interpreted to mean ______.  That language can also be interpreted to mean.

▸ Commentators have noted ______.

► Avoid absolutes.

► Be deferential.  Find merits is all positions even ones you do not agree with.

► Present all sides of an issue (fairly).

► Be precise (and recognize that every word carries freight so do not use them if you do not need them).

► It is not a given that the issue came out the way it did.

► The potential employer is listening to your analysis and how you talk just as much as what you are saying and the ultimate conclusion (which is less important).

► Are you talking and thinking like a lawyer practicing in this area?

► It may help to summarize your point up front (like you are writing) so the employer knows what to expect.

► Talk slowly (don't rush it) but get to the point fairly soon.

► Emphasize how your work experience and academic background in particular can help their mission which you understand and can articulate (and do so)

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