Above and beyond billing hours

Below are four simple ideas for going above and beyond as an associate.  Many of these thoughts are provided in Making Partner.

1. Set up google alerts.

  • Allow you to receive emailed alerts anytime a name or phrase shows up anywhere on the internet. Can be helpful in lots of ways
    • monitor litigation
    • follow industry trends
    • keep up with latest publication related to project for which you are working
    • keep up with latest publication related to project for which firm or partner you work with is handling (even if you are not part of it)
  • Check out this website which provides the how (easy) and the what.
  • Talk with IT department and library staff about creating similar concept using other relevant databases (i.e., BNA reporters, etc.)

2. Let partners/clients/firm management know when something is relevant.

  • Try to add some value; provide the story and your two cents (does not have to be full blown legal analysis but give it some thought)

3. Consider writing or speaking about the issue if large, pervasive, or sufficiently complex.

  • Inside firm --- offer to discuss the issue at an informal or formal practice group meeting/lunch and learn
  • Outside firm
    • speak about it at an ABA or bar association event
    • industry event for which client(s) will attend

4. If really big and timely, suggest your firm host a CLE event for clients

Image courtesy of digitalart at FreeDigitalPhotos.net