October 8, 2010

Five take away points for writing effective cover letters

Below are some thoughts for writing effective cover letters to law firms.  I will expand on each of these take away points (TAPs) in postings to follow. Write several people Be perfect — tiny details matter State how you can add value Show committment to practice area Set up follow-up contact
October 4, 2010

The art of the follow-up

Writing an eye-catching cover letter is helpful, but persistent follow-up is key.  In my experience (both personally and from mentoring), it is not likely that you will hear something positive back from the perspective top law firm after one round of correspondence.  The standard rejection letter probably sent by a non-lawyer, manager type is the common response. Do not stop after this first round!  Instead, think of good reasons that […]
September 19, 2010

Writing effective cover letters (podcast)

Please click here (and then press play on the embedded link) to listen to a podcast on the subject of writing effective cover letters to law firms.  Comments are encouraged.