January 14, 2011

Some perspective on less than perfect job prospects

Many people have been asking me about Sunday’s NY times article “Is Law School a Losing Game?” I think the article makes some valid points, including the fact that the statistic for percentage of employment nine months after graduation is a bit misleading because flipping burgers and working at the law school on a temporary basis count for this purpose.  More on this point in later posts.  […]
January 4, 2011

Keys to effective networking at law functions

Here are my thoughts about making the most out of networking events (law-related or really any function): If there is a dinner following the cocktail hour, do not stay for it.    It is generally difficult to have a decent conversation with people even if you do get a “good” table because the people are focused on the main event (awards, speeches, lecture, etc.) and not […]
November 25, 2010

Set up follow-up contact

The strong cover letter should be supplemented with follow-up contact.   Lay the groundwork in the cover letter. Attached is my resume for your review.  I will send my [recommendation letters, transcripts, latest writing sample] within the next two weeks. Consider being bold.  In your letter to the decision maker’s assistant, state that you will follow up to determine convenient times for brief meeting.  Yes, this approach is a bit aggressive but out […]