September 26, 2010

Most important characteristic of a good law firm job?

From my experience, the dream law firm job has decent, thoughtful partners (and associates) who are generally pleasant to work with and learn from.  High quality work is also very important but it seems to me that it would not be enjoyable to work with extremely difficult people no matter how stimulating the projects.  On the other hand, mediocre work with good people does not sound so bad.  Thoughts?
September 23, 2010

Isn’t all about the billable hour?

Recently, a prospective law student asked me this question. To succeed at a big law firm and ultimately make partner, isn’t all about the billable hour? No. It is more than that. The billable hour tally is very important but it is also about the “business” of practicing law which is basically sales — selling yourself to the law firm to land the job, selling yourself […]