consider law school reputation, specialty, special incentives, writing and speaking
Distinguishing yourself at every turn
February 27, 2012
match your skill set, passion, find a growth area and one with multiple opportunities to secure job through nontraditional routes
Picking a specialty
March 8, 2012

Moving on up: reaching the next rung on the law firm ladder

Long view, listen, how can I help, communicate, client, service, webinars

Here is a link from the site JDSupra to a very useful article providing thirteen suggestions that can help you thrive in private practice.  This article is a part two of an earlier article by the same author entitled “What They Didn’t Teach You in Law School, ” referenced on this site in an earlier post.  The author is Andrea Lee Negroni who is of counsel at the financial services firm BuckleySandler LLP.  Andrea has lots of wisdom to share as she has been successful at small, medium, and large firms and even started her own firm.


Image courtesy of ddpavumba.