This post contains additional feedback from an AmLaw 100 firm senior partner on some best practices for AmLaw 100 firm associates.   This post covers the areas of “preparing for client meetings,” and “associate development.”


1. Preparing for client meetings.

Q: What do you need from the associate?

▸ Make sure I have all the materials I will need.  Keep me organized. 

Q: Should the associate expect to attend?

▸ Will depend on the client and the subject, but generally yes.


2. Associate development

Q: How often should the associate pursue speaking and writing opportunities?  Should the associate ask you about these opportunities or do that on their own time?

▸ Should be pursued as work permits.  It’s a great opportunity for associates to start developing business.

Q: Should the associate regularly participate in firm activities (associate meetings, firm events, summer associate activities, etc.), assuming it does not interfere with work responsibilities)?

▸ Absolutely.

Q: Do you support associates who work for you taking on firm responsibilities, i.e., mentoring, associates’ committee, summer associate program, etc.?

▸ Absolutely.

Q: Work permitting, do you support associates who work for you attending CLEs and firm training programs?

▸ Yes.

Q: If there is anything else on your “dos and don’ts” list for associates, please provide that information here.

▸ Ask questions.  Always make sure they understand the assignment, timing and amount of effort required.  Never be afraid to ask me questions.