LegalJob continues to receive questions concerning what to do during slow periods.  The latest iteration and response is provided below.


Q:  Thanks for the post on activities to consider during slow times.  Any more advice about how to fill up the time?


Answer: Two thoughts.

1.  After obtaining permission from the billing partner, phone a previous client for whom you (or your firm) did good work for and tell the client you are merely calling to make sure everything is going well and to see if there any area the client needs help with or has questions about that you may be able to answer (either on the phone or after some thoughtful consideration about the issue and perhaps consultation with the partner).  If nothing else, clients generally appreciate status calls so you will be building upon that relationship even if no new projects result.

2.  A bit more proactive would be to do some research about the client and its industry and determine how world events can potentially affect the client and communicate your findings on the call (or perhaps send the information first by e-mail so the client has a chance to digest and study and then follow up with the call).  Consider legislative and regulatory actions (proposed or coming) that may affect your client (i.e., legislative activity in the United States Congress, the State Congress’ where your client does business or resides, Federal agency or state agency regulatory activity, statements or proposals by the President, Governors, etc.).  Take some time to do meaningful research so you are not just finding items the client already knows about.  Check trade publications of the client (which you should be doing from time to time anyway) and perhaps have someone from your library staff or another administrative professional gather all the materials that may be helpful and then you cull the items to find the one or two nuggets that the client may really care about.