Lately, lots of folks have been asking about for additional tips on second round interviews.  Here are some thoughts:

  • Start by learning everything you can about the lawyers you are meeting with, including the cases they have worked on, hometowns, colleges, quirks, etc.  Make it obvious that you have done the research and ask questions that will allow the interviewers to focus on themselves and their accomplishments.  
  • Make sure to throw in at some point why your background and skills can help them and their firm (on day one).  This requires you to be an expert on the people you are meeting and their practice and the firm generally but you should already be an expert on the firm based on your preparation for round one.  
  • Have a list of one or two specifics of how your current experience or studies will help these people and the firm and get them in.  
  • Remember that it is okay to spend most of the time talking about the other person but you have to be and come across as genuinely interested in them and their practice.  
  • When you talk make sure you speak slowly and deliberately — you do not have to get it all in.  
  • If a lunch is involved, eat something easy for lunch so you can focus on the interviewers and their words.  A small salad would be good to order.  Do not order a dish that requires extensive use of your hands.  
  • Overall, set the tone by asking the interviewers the questions first so it feels like you are interviewing them.